To you who have trekked long through Shadow,
I bid you Welcome to the One True City of James.

Greetings, Programs!

As you may have already surmised, my name is James Manley-Buser and I make video games. I was most recently employed at VRstudios, working on the new Knott's Berry Farm VR Experience and other projects.

Prior to that, I was at SAIC Seattle, working on America's Army: Proving Grounds, and other projects, and a small studio called Fugazo Games and worked on a number of titles, including Golden Ticket and World Mosaics Chroma.

I've graduated from the DigiPen Institute of Technology and have, in addition to working on a handful of professional titles as a dev, toiled in the trenches doing TCRs and Testing at Microsoft on the Windows 8 launch titles such as Solitaire, Majong, Taptiles, Minesweeper, and Adera.

Please, take a moment to peruse my site and take a look at my projects and professional work.

Oh hey, did I mention I got some short fiction published? Yeah! That's right! Head on over to Obverse Books and check out my short piece in Iris: Fifteen, anthology of Doctor Who spinoff stories. I've also got a bit speaking role in the audio (soon to be video) Doctor Who spinoff The Minister of Chance! Exciting stuff, I know!