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Game Name

Donkey Kong Country Returns

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Game Overview

An evil tribe of Tikis has emerged from the volcano atop the island, descending down into the jungles, hypnotizing all of the Kongs’ animal friends, and using them to steal all the bananas on the island. Now Donkey and Diddy set off on an epic adventure to reclaim their banana hoard and defeat the evil tikis before they can wreak more mischief upon the land!

What Did This Game Do That Was Different From Its Predecessors?

Instead of the common tag team mechanic, where players can switch between Donkey or Diddy, using their abilities individually, this game has Diddy ride on Donkey’s back, providing him with enhancements to his existing abilities and some new ones as well. Players can also choose to co-op controlling Donkey and Diddy with separate players at the same time. The game also introduces some natural extensions to existing mechanics, like clingable walls and ceilings to go along with clingable vines.

Favorite Part about the Game (and why)

I love the nostalgia factor of the game. Playing this game is like I’m 11 again, getting my first video game system and popping Donkey Kong Country into the Super Nintendo. It elicits those feeling of pure delight and giddiness, allowing me to play the game without thinking about how it was programmed or what thought went into the level design, which is something I find harder and harder to do these days.

Least Favorite Part about the Game (and why)

In co-op mode, pressing the grab button automatically puts Diddy on Donkey’s back, meaning the second player has to wait until a convenient time to dismount and be able to play again. This gets a bit frustrating when you are trying to do different things and someone needs to pick up a barrel or grab a vine.

How would you change the game to make it better?

Add a Diddy only mode. There are modes where you can play as Donkey and Diddy, and modes where you can play as just Donkey, but there is no easy way to play with just Diddy, short of starting a co-op game and killing off the first player.

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