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God of War : Ghost of Sparta

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Game Overview

Kratos has recently become the God of War, but is still haunted by visions, this time of a prophetic nature instead of horrific memories. He follows these visions on a trail that lead him to discover the god’s manipulations of his life and that his brother, taken from him as a child, is still alive, trapped in the realm of death. Kratos embarks on another epic journey to free his sibling and kill everything that gets in his way.

What Did This Game Do That Was Different From Its Predecessors?

The previous PSP God of War, Chains of Olympus, had a very disjointed series of events, and felt more like a set of happenstances than a big overarching story. Ghost of Sparta has a nice, smooth, tale that incorporates all elements in the game. Nothing that happens feels like it’s disconnected from the bigger picture. Chains of Olympus also had a hodge-podge of different types of items that all required different controls, making using any given thing a bit of a hassle as you had to remember how to first. Ghost of Sparta has a nice, consolidated control set with items that work well within in it. The overall experience of Ghost of Sparta is much smoother, more polished, and more enjoyable than that of its predecessor.

Favorite Part about the Game (and why)

Most of the God of War games have Kratos going in a straight line on a killing spree without much growth on his part as a character. Ghost of Sparta actually has our godly anti-hero develop, with him realizing over the course of the game that he has become that which sought so much to destroy, the God of War. The game also delves a bit into his past, providing some explanation for what drove him as a Spartan warrior before he became Aries’ minion in the previous game. All this adds a lot of depth to Kratos’ character, making him a more complex character than previously seen.

Least Favorite Part about the Game (and why)

The difficulty does not seem consistent. I would constantly mow down everything in my path, but when I came to a boss or in later cases mini-bosses I would suddenly find myself dying numerous times until I became accustomed enough to the boss’ attack patterns to get hit few enough times while still dealing enough damage to defeat it. Most of the console GoW titles have a scale of enemy difficulty, with peons not requiring any skill, the next level up requiring a little, and so on and so forth up to the gigantic bosses, a nice learning curve. Ghost of Sparta doesn’t have much of that.

How would you change the game to make it better?

I would adjust the curve of enemies needing strategy to defeat, making the boss encounter less of a death fest and making the player actually need a bit of strategy to overcome the non-boss enemies.

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