Playtesting Knight to E7 ~ the Tower Defense

Our game was at one point a tower defense, not unlike the Zombie Bowling mode of Plants vs Zombies. You picked and sent out chess pieces instead of walnuts, and incoming enemy pieces streamed at you from across the field.


Players enjoyed the chess theme, as before. They also enjoyed the fact that you picked one side, black or white, and stuck with it instead of switching sides.

Playtesters also enjoyed that each of the pieces had their own distinct movement patterns as they traveled across the board towards enemies.


Players didn’t like the speed of the game. With the chess theme came a preconception about slow-paced, or at least stilted paced, strategy and tactics. This type of game had neither.


It was suggested that the enemy pieces be slowed down and move incrementally. The Knight movement pattern was also confusing to players. It was suggested that we put guide arrows out for all the pieces to show where they would go. This would help clear up and confusion about all pieces, not just the Knight.

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