Playtesting Gathers No Moss

The first new idea I started for a solo project was a Boulder with a smiling tiki face that you could roll around an island and collect gold coins. I booted up unity and had that concept more or less finished after a day, though it looked a bit rough around the edges, all the functionality was there; boulder, coins, island.


It was nice and simple. You rolled around the island, picking up coins which were layed out in a path. The music was light breezy and unity’s swaying trees and rippling grass really added to the feeling of the sandy secluded palm-tree island. The coins were nice and shiny and particle effects made nice touches when you grabbed them. The game gave off a nice relaxed feeling.


There wasn’t anything else to do. The game was too simple. After you’d gathered all the coins, that was it. There wasn’t much point in continuing to roll around the island.


Add more to the game. At this point there wasn’t much to it.

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