Playtesting Gathers No Moss ~ Maze Edition

For the next go, I got rid of the traditional controls and instead had you manipulate the pitch, roll, and yaw of the stage itself, leaving the movement of the boulder to gravity as you jostled about the level. I then added a 3d maze that you would manipulate to get the ball through. The coins were still present, but now just served as a signpost of how far you’d got, as if you fell out you restarted at the last checkpoint.


So, there was now more to the game. It still had that relaxed feel, but you were now actually doing something semi-challenging, with risk and reward and chance of failure. It was a more engaging game and with a little work could make a decent time-filler.


The art. Now that people weren’t complaining about lack of things to do, the fact that the game didn’t look as good as early Nintendo 64 games was beginning to be a detriment. While I was familiar with 3DSMax and Blender, they frustrate me and I couldn’t work well with them at the time. Add to that that, in addition to any advanced modeling I might have to do, I would also need to create nice-ish textures and bump maps, and I was looking at a problem.


It was suggested that I move to a sprite-based game, as pixel art, if done right, was relatively easy to produce and could look rather nice if the appropriate amount of effort was afforded. At this point, I scrapped the rolling boulder and began brainstorming 2d sprite-based games.

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