Playtesting TowerOffense

While I don’t have the actual game up to playtest standards, I was able to sit down with a chess board and random game pieces and explain my game concept to people. I did this before I started actually building the game in order to ascertain a few things first; 1) whether the concept was simple enough to execute within my given time frame, and 2) whether people thought it would be sophisticated enough to keep them interested, given its needed simplicity in execution.


The concept was thus: A Defense of the Ancients-style game approached form the Tower Defense angle instead of form the Real-Time Strategy angle. Instead of focusing on the hero units and controlling them RTS-style, you’d be focusing on the base and towers, micromanaging them Tower-Defense style.


People were interested in this take on the MOBA genre, and thought it had merit. They were general intrigued to see how I handled it, and thought the idea neat. It was pointed out that there would probably be some issues in keeping the player interested in anything beyond their corner of the game map, and that if I wasn’t going to have heroes going out and farming I was going to need some other form of resource acquisition.


Several things were suggested to solve these two problems.

  • Some form of territory acquisition, wherein the goal was not specifically to defeat the opponent’s base but instead take over the board via control points of some sort.
  • Gathering resources in a style similar to Plants Versus Zombies, where resources would randomly appear about the map and the player would need to actively keep an eye out for them and click on them to gather.
  • Having to manually build and maintain the towers, making you continually check all the lanes and perform routine upkeep on all your structures.
  • Having a type of unit, not a hero, that you could send out to explore the map, uncovering it fog-of-war style, revealing resource points and new lanes to send units down and build towers next to.

Of these ideas I decided the simplest to mock up would be the Plants vs Zombies style click-to-grab resources and have begun on implementing that at present time. If it doesn’t work out, or even if it does, I may look at some of the other suggestions and have a go at how they work out as well.

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