Playtesting TowerOffense v2

New Since Last Version

I had implemented a signpost system in order to govern the movement of units indirectly. The way this worked was fairly simple in concept. Signposts were placed in various predetermined points around the map. Each signpost could be faced in up to all 4 of the cardinal directions, and when a unit comes to a signpost, it would continue on in the direction the signpost was facing. So if a unit going north came to a sign pointing west, it would turn and go west until it ran into a signpost that told it otherwise.

Play would then be about strategically manipulating the path of the units via the signposts in order to avoid death, destroy enemy units, and complete mission based objectives unique to the story map.

What people liked

People really liked the concept when it was described to them, and they liked it when they sat down and started fiddling with the signs and watching the units go off in various directions

What people didn’t like

The game was still pretty boring, with people losing interest after a couple minutes.

What I did.

Ultimately, I decided that salvaging the project in the time remaining in the term was a task with diminishing returns. I instead went with a simpler-arcade concept instead called UnderMiner.

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