Playtesting UnderMiner v0.1

What is UnderMiner?

At the most basic, UnderMiner was fairly simple.

The player controlled a drill that they could steer in any direction with the left and right arrow keys. They held the shift key to propel the drill forward, and could only turn the drill while moving. You had a fuel meter that slowly drained as you moved, but not while you didn’t. You dug down into the ground from the surface, collected gold, and went back up to the surface before you ran out of fuel. While on the surface, you could upgrade your ship granting a larger fuel capacity so you could in turn drill for a longer time and gather more gold in order to level up more etc.

What was liked

People were mildly entertained by the tunneling around.

What wasn’t liked

People didn’t like that they had to go back up to the surface to Upgrade the ship and refuel their fuel. They also wanted more stuff to dig through.

What I Did

For the next version of the game, I planned to implement on-the-fly upgrading and more variety in the map of blocks to mine through, along with minor graphical updates.

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