Playtesting UnderMiner v1.1

What This Version Looks Like

Players control a drill that can be steered in any direction using the left and right arrow keys or the a and d keys. The ship moves forward automatically and does not stop at any time. Players steer the drill through a finite area of dirt blocks looking for gold and fuel. Picking up gold contributes to an experience meter needed to level-up. When they reached the requisite gold cache, players automatically level up, which increases their fuel capacity, fully refills the fuel meter, and dynamically expands the map size. Collecting fuel blocks refilled their fuel meter by a little bit. Leveling up fully refilled their meter and increased their overall fuel capacity. There were now two different types of dirt on the map that are effectively the same and just provide cosmetic variety, making the map more visually interesting. There are now magma blocks which drain the fuel when you run into them. Players get gradually faster as they level.

What players didn’t like.

Minor niggles

What they did like

They liked everything. I had to forcibly remove some people from my laptop so I could continue working on the game because they kept replaying the game, trying for a higher score. I have watched people play copies of my game during classes instead of paying attention to the instructor. I think it’s at a good point and will be turning in this version for a grade, though I plan on continueing to develop the game under a different title for eventual commercial release.

  1. Hola,

    Bravo, me parece esto el pensamiento admirable

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