Now that's a puzzle of a different color!

World Mosaics Chroma

Can be found for download @ Big Fish Games HERE.

World Mosaics Chroma is the eighth game in the World Mosaics Series, which is a picture-revealing puzzle series in the same style as Nintendo's popular Picross franchise. It utilizes multi-color puzzles, and additional features such as locked sections, rotating maps, powerups, and many other interesting twists on the standard formula.

World Mosaics Chroma was the second professional title that I worked on. I served as a programmer and co-developped the map-screen, fleshing out the world transitions, implementing the animations system, and handling the dynamic loading and unloading of assets and objects. I also handled the implementation of the story cutscenes and animations into the game. The title was made with the PopCap engine and can be found for download at Big Fish Games HERE.

picture picture picture