THEY came from beyond the stars...

What is Enemy?

Enemy is a Pen & Paper table-top RPG made for the Fuzion System. I developed it on my own as a solo project. It is about a mysterious alien prescence that has fallen from the sky and violated the lands of Earth.

If you can't see the embeded PDF below, HERE is a direct link to the file for you.

If you enjoy stories like those out of Lovecraft, a slight weird fiction, or games like Metal Gear Solid, you may very well like this setting. This game strives to bring high-tech soldiers with cool weapons together with a setting of ambient evil and strange forces at work.

This is a world-gone wrong, but also a Cyberpunk one. It has hints of old and angry gods as well as that Ghost In The Shell cy-tech atmosphere. There's renegade military organizations and alien-worshiping cults. There's super soldiers and cyborg ninjas, robot wolves and tentacled fanatics. This setting has a nice blend of tactical action, exciting combat, Lovecraftian Horror, and Metal Gear atmosphere.

Tell me, what more could you want out of your weekly tabletop session?

And so, I bid you, enjoy.