Hammer of Creation


Hammer Time.


Hammer of Creation - Ralph's Quest is a side-scrolling action platformer about Ralph, a handyman with a magic hammer.

Fairly straightforward in concept, Ralph can use the different elemental properties of his hammer to help him traverse through the large platforming world, defeating enemies as he goes on his way towards the gigantic boss at the end.

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What Went Wrong, And How We Dealt With It

Unfortunately, there were a lot of problems during the development of this title. About halfway through our producer had to leave the project due to forces beyond our control. He still pitched in on the project, but in a severely limited fashion. After that, as we re-organized ourselves and took a look at the state of the game in an effort to scale back the scope of the title in accordance with our smaller team size, it was discovered that one of our other team members needed to be let go. More re-orgs and scaling back ensued.

The upshot of all this was that, even though the end product didn't end up being what we had originally envisioned, it was still about a guy with a magic hammer that traversed a world full of enemies; just on a smaller scale. We still made a game, and we were proud of what we accomplished. We dealt with people leaving the team and having to let someone go, and we handled these situations admirably and didn't let them disrupt our flow of output and production.

At the end of the day, we did what we set out to do, regardless of the complications that rose along the way.