Dig a hole, dig a hole, dig a hole...

What Is UnderMiner?

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UnderMiner is a action arcade game, inspired by arcade games of yore such as Asteroids and Boulderdash. You control a drilling machine lost in the bowels of the earth. Collect Gold to upgrade your ship. Collect Oil to refill your ever dwindling fuel supply. Avoid magma pockets which burn up your valuable fuel. Tunnel around in all directions, searching for gold and oil and hoping you don't run out of fuel!

Who Made It?

I Did! I started this project late in the term in Spring 2011, as my previous project wasn't going in a direction I was happy with. I playtested it frequently, often having players playing a new build as I was working on it on another machine. It was a really fun process and was exhilarating to see the concept evolve into the fun thing it is over the course of a couple weeks. It's my baby and it is awesome!

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What I Did

On this title I...

  • originated the concept
  • created the art assets
  • wrote all the code
  • designed the game mechanics
  • implemented everything

HERE is a link to playtesting reports for various incarnations of the game.